Thursday, 4 September 2014


"What are you doing on my territory?"Hippo screamed. 
"Oh! I am sorry..." goat whispered. 
"Why are you here? Move away!"Hippo shouted.
"The...grasses looked so fresh am here to ea..t"
"What? They are mine!" Hippo was angry.
The goat was frightened."I will move away as soon as possible!"
When the goat tried to take off his steps, The earthquake appear to the hippo's territory.
"Why the earthquake appear??" Hippo asked. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The story

 The story
I have been to Hawaii for 2days e. I was able to go Hawaii to trip around the Hawaii. I am traveling around Hawaii with my friends. One is Julia and one is Alice. But accidentally, I have lost my passport. The serious repercussions was happened by losing my passport. I could not able to enter to Hawaii airline. I tried to look for my passport. Aircraft, my hand bag and many place where I have been.

Monday, 1 September 2014


I came to the planet one million years ago. The reason why I came here is to prove to the people on the Earth that people are able to breath without spacesuit on this planet. I am accompany with two companion. They are intelligent. Our spaceship has been damaged by the fall of a huge meteorite. I decided to leave our ship since I discover the oxygen on the planet. We are looking for the creature. I am sure that the creature is alive because the lake and oxygen has been found. I realised that someone was following us. I think those are creature on this planet.

Monday, 25 August 2014

similes 2

Create 5 original similes
As tired as a person who couldn't sleep for a year.

As quick witted as a fish outrunning a shark.

As frightened as a mouse meeting a cat.


Sunday, 24 August 2014


Create 5 original similes
As sharp as the Cliffs that are sharpend by rainstorms, and pricked  any moment
As shiny as the the sunset after we went through the cave.
As relaxed as..
Intricate like…
Burning like...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Zodiac Story

Read the Zodiac Story
Answer these questions
Number the animals in order
1st - Rat

2nd - Ox

3rd - Tiger

4th - Rabbit

5th - Dragon

6th - Snake

7th - Horse

8th - Goat

9th - Monkey

10th - Rooster

11th - Dog

12th - Pig

Which animal is not in the zodiac?
Why is this animal not in the zodiac?
Cat is not in Zodiac because the rat pushed cat
Why was the emperor surprised about the animal which came in 5th place?
The emperor thought dragon could be first the place because dragon was able to fly.
Look at the artwork

Find out the following
What is the zodiac animal for 2014?
It is Horse

What is the zodiac animal which representss the year you were born in?


Describe using your senses: What can you see, hear, smell and feel (you will have to imagine the small and feel). I would expect to see technical words and verbs, similes, imagery, onomatopoeia, alliteration, metaphor.

I could felt how hard work is making watch.

(*unfinished work-*)